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Krishna Group

About Us

Breezing through our 3rd decade of building journey, Krishna Constructions has been a part of more than one thousand families who have joined the Krishna residency brigade, since 1990.Clear titles, transparent business process, genuine apartments, economic pricing, enchanting amenities & on time delivery are some of the best reasons pillared over our customers' continued support.Our Mission is to offer affordable luxury properties to our customers, with the best of amenities, designs, comforts and satisfaction pinned in contemporary architecture with futuristic building technology.

A veteran in the field of construction and real-estate, Mr.E.Krishna Reddy leads the company as the Managing Director of Krishna Constructions, while Mr.E.Aswath Reddy, Director brings in new flavors of modernity and global designs that match contemporary demands. In other words, a fusion of classic values in a modern finish is the neo formula of Krishna Constructions.

With a Vision to become the most sought-after builder in Chennai, we aim at unbeatable Quality and enduring Trust from our customers and partners alike, for now and in the years to come.

Krishna Constructions, with our highly experienced Civil Engineers and our world-renowned Architects have created more than 2.5 million square feet of ravishing home wonders so far, with more projects on the 'soon-to-be-launched' anvil.

All our properties are within the margins of the city and the locations are chosen based on its proximity to various facilities such as transportation, educational institutions, shopping centers, entertainment hubs etc. With affordable luxury in a delightful price tag, it's always been a tasteful experience for our customers. So they say!